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Recently I have updated the SLA Weapon Customization Database so that it conforms to the Bitter Rain Alternative Combat System Rules v3.10. It also uses Access 2000 now instead of '97. Unfortunately you cannot open Access 2000 databases with Access '97, and as I recently have found out converting the database back to Access '97 will produce run-time errors in the VBA scripts. I'm currently working on a solution to the problem.

All other files are available in either Word or Acrobat format, however, you need the full version of Adobe Acrobat to edit the text files in the ID Cards file.

But now to the files ...



SLA Industries Character Sheet
Adobe Acrobat: 143kb
SLA Industries Ebon Sheet
Adobe Acrobat: 143kb
SLA Industries BPN Card
Adobe Acrobat & .gif image: 761kb
SLA Industries Release Form
Adobe Acrobat: 48kb
Expendable Assets
Beginner-level BPN written by James 'Freddy' Lennon
Word '97: 138kb
SLA Department ID, Phone Numbers and SCL Card ID
Word '97: 11kb
Font Pack
SLA SCL Card, Finance Card, Package Card and Dep. Authorization Card
Adobe Acrobat: 471kb
SLA Industries Character Database
Access '97: 1.2MB
The Final Truth Wallpaper
JPG (unzip and convert to BMP): 746kb
SLA Industries Weapon Database
Access 2000: 203kb
Pentaxx Squad Wallpaper
JPG (unzip and convert to BMP): 378kb

3d System conversion with
New Advantages/Disadvantages,
Fear Mechanics, Ebb rules,
Poisons & Drugs.
Word '97: 39kb

3d Combat System conversion,
Martial Arts v3.41
Word '97: 72kb
Bitter Rain Combat Sheet
Adobe Acrobat: 736kb
Neighbourhood Watch Wallpaper
picture by Dave Allsop
jpeg: 425kb
White Earth Wallpaper
picture by Dave Allsop
jpeg: 587kb
The Ebon Tarot Cards
.tif images: 13MB

Halloween Jack Fanclub Greeting Card
.jpg 157kb

In order to view the .pdf files from the Files Section you need the Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. Get if for free from
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