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Clan MacDuff: Homo Homini Lupus

General Description
Clan MacDuff is the largest of all known Frother Clans. It currently consists of some 95.000 warriors. Even among Frothers, the MacDuffs are considered to be some of the meanest fighters and most irresponsible drug fiends around. SLA Industries mission profiles suggest that this Frother group has the highest mortality rate of all. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, MacDuffs burn out more quickly than other Frothers. While most other warriors concentrate on the usage of one combat drug, MacDuffs are known to simultanously shoot UV, Bass and a number of other substances.

Secondly, the a MacDuff warrior's concern for his personal safety tends to be low even measured by Frother standards, resulting in a very high KIA/MIA-ratio. The high number of psychopaths among this group is another reason, leading to a high rate of deaths while off-duty.

Thirdly the Clan's structure exacerbates the MacDuff's problem of a high mortality rate.

Clan MacDuff strictly adheres to the 'survival of the fittest'-model. In practice this means that the Clan has not developed any non-violent mechanisms for solving intra-Clan or even intra-Sept conflicts. If disputes pop up, they will almost always be dealt with by force. This concerns leadership matters, policy decisions, distribution of resources (administrating the Clan budget as well as who gets the last can of slosh in the fridge) and all other issues, how unimportant they may seem.

In the MacDuff society everyone is entitled to the right of pushing his own viewpoint through by force. The MacDuffs resent the concept of voting - if you do not have the guts to stand up for your ideas, shut up. This means that the Clan's development is being impeded by constant duels. These will always be fought to the death (everything else would be considered dishonorable).

While the majority of duels revolves around petty disputes, challenging a leader is also a very common occurrence. Normally not even a week will pass without some sept leader being challenged by a young upstart. This result of this is that the leadership and hierachy of the MacDuffs are in a constant flux; mid- let alone long-term planning and decisionmaking are almost unheard of, since leaders are changed more frequently than Tartan skirts. The quality of MacDuff leadership tends to be low, as being able to smash you adversary's face in obviously isn't a sufficient qualification when it comes to management and planning.

The MacDuffs are ruled by a Clan Chief who is aided by seven Lieutnants, supervising the seven fiefs of the MacDuff Clan. Every Lieutnant will normally be in frequent contact with the heads of the septs in his fief. Since duels are commonplace, this simple quasi feudal system, while not working overly well, is the closest thing to stability the MacDuffs could achieve. Any more complex organizational structure would be hampered severely by the constant 'head-swapping' at the top-level.

Special Abilities & Resources
MacDuffs are known to be the fiercest fighters around. Since they appear to have no regard for themselves, they are often considered to be perfect candidates for black BPNs.

The Clan's main resource is its size; were it not for the constant infighting and anarchy inside the Clan, the MacDuffs could have crushed any of the rival Clans long ago.

The Clan resides in a huge dilapidated factory complex in the South of Mort Central. The estate is ca. 5x10 klicks and is divided into seven fiefs ruled by the Chief's Lieutnants. The Chief himself resides in a control tower in the North of the complex.

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