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Clan Cameron: Stalkers In The Rain

General Description
Clan Cameron is one of the smaller Frother societies. Its number is not known precisely, but estimates lie somewhere between ten and fifteen thousand. What distinguishes the Camerons from most of the other Clans is that they are not as visible in the public. When Third Eye News reports ruffles or chaos caused by the Frothers the Camerons will rarely show up as the instigators. This has led other Frother leaders to taunting Clan Cameron, calling them the "No Ball Clan." The individuals who publicly ridicule the Camerons or accuse the of cowardice on prime time television rarely get the opportunity to reiterate their opinion; instead they tend to vanish rather quickly.

This is because the Camerons are just as proud of their Clan as any other Frother. Challenging other to public duels, raving and ranting in public and the like are just not their style; they tend to prefer covert operations and a sneaky approach to open all-out warfare. This does not make them less violent or less dangerous than any other Frother Clan.

Most Camerons prefer more subtle combat drugs like Bass over UV and similar substances, because these are much better suited for sneaking into your enemies HQ. UV just ain't the drug for a silent assassination.

The Cameron's style is also reflected in their use of weapons: most of them are experts in unarmed combat and will prefer subtler weapons like Gash Fists, ITB Mutilators, Power Disks and the like. They have also invented their own version of the Claymore, the Cameron Foldblade which is one of their most commonly used pieces of equipment (see the equipment section for details). They are also infamous for their knowledge of explosives. The most common trainig packages among the Camerons are Kick Murder, Scouting and Investigation & Interrogation.

If the Camerons possess a headquarter, it is not well known. The Clan is scattered all over Mort, in Cells of 5 to 50 people, thus enabling the Camerons to remain flexible - and undetectable to their enemies. Cells communicate with each other via computer, with every call only knowing the names and email adresses of its adjacent cells, thus making any infiltration and espionage attempts extremely difficult.

SLA Industries has been somewhat worried by this development; the 589 Cloak Division's Annual Report on Frother Activity has stated that "The Cameron's cell structure must be seen as extremely effective. It must be stressed that our operatives have had some problems of late in accounting for all the cells and their members. Should this unsettling development continue, we suggest to reevaluate policy on the Camerons."

So far, nothing has happened. SLA Industries continues to give the Camerons a lot of leeway and has decided not too worry too much about monitoring problems.

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Department of Information Act 376495216/gkqlp/590/SLA.

Yeah right. And carnivourous pigs fly in and out of Mr. Slayer's ass. SLA industries has become increasingly suspicious of the Camerons because they're not sure what the Stalkers are up to - if they're up to anything at all. The Clan's cell structure makes monitoring their activities nigh impossible. As this was considered intolerable, the proposal was already on the table: the Camerons have got to go.

Instead, Cloak Division came up with something else. They have laced the drugs supplied to the Clan by the company with a nanotechnological device that fiddles with the Cameron's subconscious, forcing affected members to regularly (once a week) sleepwalk to their phone and call Cloak. They will then spill their guts about everyone and everything, without remembering the incident the next morning. This allows the company to keep their valuable hitmen and monitor their activities. In addition, Cloak strategists have begun to study the Cameron's cell structure very thouroughly, as they believe it will provide them with valuable insights into the organizational structure of certain soft companies like Thresher, who are also organized in cells.

Special Abilities & Resources
Camerons will frequently possess skills that are uncommon for Frothers, like Computer, Demolitions etc. They also have fairly easy access to plastique and other explosive devices.

The Camerons are the only ones to use the ingenious Foldblade, a kind of retractable katana.

Unknown. Meetings are held at differnt places each time and always have a conspiratory air to them.

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