written by LSD

"That we shall die, we know: 'tis but the time
And drawing days out, that men stand upon.
Why, he that cuts of twenty years of life
Cuts off so many years of fearing death."

- Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, III/1

Following are some notes on the relations between the five Frother Clans. As a General rule, every Clan fights for itself. Although there have been temporary alliances as well as continuing feuds between the Clans, conflict and cooperation between the Frothers are in a constant flux. First of all, the question is what the Company makes of the Frother's conflicts. The frequent fights between the Clans, from slosh drinking contests over duels and small feuds up to full-scale Clan wars have always been watched with interest by SLA Industries. The company usually remains neutral. In some cases where things got extremely rough and collateral damage exceeded all reasonable levels, SLA officials have been known to act as facilitators and conflict mediators. Apart from that, the company remains pretty silent on matter Frotheresque.

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There are three main motivations for SLA Industries to sit and watch the the Frothers bang each other:

Social Darwinism
By keeping the Clans at each other's throats, the company assures that its Frother employees remain on the edge and fit for combat - without having to bother with training courses and the like. In addition, the constant inter-Clan quarrels are believed to be a good venue for refining the Frother gene pool - the wars will simply weed out all non-hackers that don't pack the gear to be Frothers.

Let's face it: the public loves the drug-crazed psychos. Especially while they are smashing each other's face in. Frothers are big on prime time TV and the collateral damage of a Clan war amounts to zip if you compare it with the revenues for TV shows and the like.

The more the five Clans fight with each other, the easier it is for the company to keep them in check and influence them, playing the 'honest broker' role. 'Divide et impera' might be a pretty old strategy, but it still works.

In addition, the company's non-interference policy is a load of bullshit. SLA monitors the Clan's activities. If things get too rough - for instance if one Clan is to be wiped out completely - the company will use its whole arsenal of covert operations tactics - assassins, gun shipments, you name it - to assure the desired outcome. SLA Industries has also instigated a number of feuds and Clan wars when things got too lame and and peaceful (i.e., sales for Frother related products went down).

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