written by LSD
"Live fast, die young"

- Proverb

Frother Solos are not part of the Clan structure which is typical for the majority of their brothers and sisters. Most Clan Frothers would in fact consider it to be an insult to be compared to those who lack their own tartan, traditions and lineage. Clan Frothers generally see themselves as the 'noblesse' of Frothers. Solos are thus considered to be upstarts and impostors with no roots or heritage who are trying to usurp the Frother's symbols and traditions. In short, they provide the rest of the Frother community with a convenient scapegoat that even the lowest-ranking 'Clanner' can look down upon.

Solos are either people who have been recruited by SLA. The company frequently scouts Mort's LDT for individuals who have honed their combat and survival skills in this hostile environment. Many of these people will happily throw their miserable street existence away for the glorious albeit short life of glory the Frother path offers. Other recruits are ex-Clan Frothers who have been exiled from their Clan for one reason or another. Since killing members of one's extended family and being an abusive antisocial asshole is the norm among most frothers, most exiles will have been expelled for different reasons (breaches of tradition, dishonoring their Clan and the like). Most outcasts tend to be HEAVY (even for a Frother) substance abusers.

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