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Armour Upgrading
An existing set of armor can be upgraded in whatever way the Operative wishes. There are, however, limits: it is e.g. impossible to build an armor with the protective value equal to a Shock Armor by customizing an Blocker Armor frame without adjusting the internal structure of the armour.

Protection Value
Per point of PV the IDs in all locations must be increased by 5. Each point of PV costs 30 Credits for the entire suit and each point of ID costs 5 credits per location.

Thus an increase in PV from 5 to 6 costs 205 Credtis (30 for the PV in the entire suit and 135 (35 points (7 locations with 5 points each) of ID x 5 Credits per point).

Internal Structure
A suit of armour can be increased in PV by 150% without modifying the underlying structure. For increases above 150% the internal structure of the armour must be modified for an additional cost of 50 credits per additional point of PV.

Increases of 250% and higher above the original PV are not possible.

Thus to increase the PV of a Blocker Armour from 5 to 13 requries strengthening of the Blocker structure and the adding of servos and powered joints for an additional cost of 250 Credits (PV x 150% = 7.5 = 8; 13 - 8 = 5; 5 x 50 Credits = 250 Credits).

Pilot Powersuit Skill
Each increase in PV also increases the skill needed to pilot this Powersuit. Per 2 points of PV, the required skill in Pilot Powersuit is increased by 1.

Thus a customized Blocker Armour with PV 13 requires a skill of 5 to pilot.

Dodge Modifier
Each point of PV added to the suit also increases the Dodge Modifier by one point. The Dodge Modifier can be lowered by spending additional credits on special leightweight armor components and movement-assisting servos; doing so costs the Operative 100 Credits per point of DM lowered. The Dodge Modifer cannot be cut by more than 50% this way.

Thus a customized Blocker Armour with PV 13 has a Dodge Modifer of 9. If the Operative spends an additional 400 Credits, he can lower the Dodge Modifer to 5, the lowest level possible (PV increased by 8 equals Dodge Modifer increased by 8; 50% reduction = Dodge Modifier 4; 100 Credits per point of reduction = 400 Credits; original Dodge Modifier 1 plus adjusted new Dodge Modifier 4 = final Dodge Modifier 5).


A powersuit can be fitted with extras; they are bought as per the equipment list. Speed, Strength and Dextery boosts can also be added for additional cost:

  • Adding a 1.5m/round sprint boost costs 750 Credits
  • Adding a +1 DEX boost costs 500 Credits
  • Adding +1 STR boost costs 450 Credits
Design Example:
PP667 M.R-HS Roadblock Armour (modified PP664)

This is a heavily modified Blocker Armour that offers enhanced protective abilities as well as increased speed performance. As such it is ideal for close-quarters environments, where protective value as well as speed are of crucial importance.

The Operative who customized his Blocker Armour this way has spent lots of time on the streets of DownTown and his experiences in surviving that concrete wilderness all went into the design specs of this armour.

The Roadblock offers a superb protective index; the API (Ablative Protection Index) is a rough 13, a high step upwards from the rather meagre API of 5 for a standard Blocker Armour, on par with such elite suits as a Crackshot.

For this increased protection the internal structure of the suit had to be modified severely; the staff at Phase, Inc. had to retrofit the suit with several servos and pressure-assisted joints to allow the human skeleton carry the additional weight added to the suit. This was also neccessary for the integration of an enhanced leg and hip Movement-Assisting System, giving the Operative piloting this suit excellent running capabilities.

Due to a superb choice of polymers and leight-weight gel pads the weight of the armour could be kept to a bearable minimum so that it can still be maneuvered relatively safely even in the structurally rather unsafe environments of DownTown.

The suit comes already fitted with several magplates for easy carriage of pistols/SMGs on either leg, and both lower arms as well as a rifle magplate on the back.

PV: 13
ID (Head): 50
ID (Chest): 70
ID (Abdomen): 70
ID (Legs): 55
ID (Arms): 50

Speed boost: +1.5m per phase
Pilot Powersuit: 5
Dodge Modifier: 9

Custom Spray Job
(True UrbanCamo™, copyright submitted to MAL):
75 Credits

Color Sample

Total Cost of Customization: 2935 Credits

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