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Clan Dougal: The Frother's Vanguard

General Description
Founded in 362 SD, Clan Dougal is the oldest of Frother Clans on Mort. It consists of ca. 30.000 warriors, plus families and children. After the destruction of its former HQ by a series of mysterious explosions, the Clan has moved to an abandoned warehouse/shopping mall complex in Suburbia, where the majority of the Clansmen (ca, 20.000) reside. Dougal members are known for their rather progressive attitude. Although they value tradition and honour much like the rest of their kind, they have been more receptive than others when it comes to SLA Industries innovations. Dougals wearing state-of-the-art armor and weaponry are a common sight. While many traditionals frown upon it, a growing number of Dougals has traded their Claymores for Chainaxes, Flick Scythes and the like, which they consider to be more efficient than the "outdated" 2H-Sword. Dougals are also known for their street ties and turf mentality. If it were not for the tartans and the rabid foam on their chins, many Dougals could easily be mistaken for normal gangers or Frother Solos. Few who have made the mistake live to tell.

Clan Dougal is currently ruled by Leena Dougal, High Matriarch, Mother of Warriors, also called the "Overlady" by her followers. To the other Clans Leena is known as the "Bitch Queen from Hell." After the still unsolved Death of her husband Leena became head of the Clan. Clan Dougal follows a hereditary system, with the title being passed on the the rulers husband/wife upon his/her death. After both have died, the title is passed on the the eldest son or daughter. Leena Dougal is extremely ambitious and rules her Clan with an iron grip. Although the Clan also has a Council of Elders (i.e. the Sept heads), Leena rarely asks them of their opinion. Although resistance within the Clan against Leena's ruling style is growing, the opposition is still outnumbered and outgunned because the Overlady's politics have been rather successful and have helped the Clan recuperate from the losses suffered by the loss of its old HQ.

Special Abilities & Resources
Clan Dougal has good street contacts and is often favored by the SLA Industries R&D when it comes to testing new weapon and armour prototypes since the Clan is considered to be rather open minded (for Frothers, that is).

A huge shopping mall and warehouse district in suburbia, as well as the surrounding turf.

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