05/15/19 18:02RT
by Eldritch

"Since I no longer believe that any new SLA content will ever be forthcoming, I have decided to discontinue the site. It was fun while it lasted. Good luck all, and see ya around. E."

I wrote that on Oct. 6th 2010. Well it took you Nightfall guys only almost 9 years to make me eat my words :)

But instead of complaining, kudos that you did put out a new SLA product, despite its rocky development ... I'm looking forward to reading the pdf next week and hope the physical copy will arrive soon after (and yeah I doubled up and ordered a physical copy of the MRB Redux and Hunter Sheets 2 as well - what can I say, I'm a completionist with regards to SLA:)

Fortunately I will also be able to put the new sourcebook to use, since I managed to finally get off another SLA campaign with my old players We quasi finished the old campaign 15 years ago ... now we're back with new characters, playing more or less a prequel to the old campaign.

For this campaign I will be using my old BRP conversion that I did for SLA back then (although I left it unfinished) and will be updating/testdriving it with RQ6/Mythras/m-space rules additions. I will probably not make it available since it is full of juicy Dave Allsop copyrighted artwork, and I guess Dave will not give me the go ahead to make it avaialable.

As for this site? I have no idea. I just thought it fair to publicly say, "guess I was wrong, congratulations guys!". I did install Dreamweaver only to write these few lines (and boy ... I did not remember a thing how to use Dreamweaver, but then the last version I used must have been v6 and I'm writing this on Dreamweaver CC). Anyway, I'm rambling. The new campaign is dark, so utterly dark, sick and depraved ... but if I need to exorcise a demon again (as happened back then when I wrote Little Angel), I'm sure I will post it here.

So long, don't rock the boat, Mr. Slayer is watching you!

11/02/05 09:50RT
by Eldritch

The haunting is over and Mr Slayer has restored order ...

Unfortunately I haven't had the time to post my Halloween surprise, but I will do so over the next few days. You will also find the Halloween Jack Fanclub Greeting Card that was at the top of this page during Halloween for download in the Archives this evening.

10/24/05 18:18RT
by Eldritch

Apparently I had to exorcise a very vile and evil demon ... "Little Angel" is the result. It is the most disturbing, depraved and sick SLA story that I have ever written. It's themes of insanity, corruption, child abuse and perversion are clearly "adult" and I'd advise anybody easily shocked not to read this sick and rotten Halloween candy (but then why are you playing SLA in the first place?)

So - what's it gonna be? Trick or treat?

10/09/05 00:44RT
by Eldritch

I finally managed to add a new category - the GM Essays. In this category you will find articles that are concerned with running SLA Industries as a Game Master. The first article in this category is titled "How to run SLA Industries" and it is taken from the booklet that accompanied the old and since ages out-of-print GM Screen. The second article is titled "Its not about guns" and it is a short article on how to run SLA Industries, especially concerning the horror-side of SLA.

As a closing remark, Dave's The Book of Unremitting Horror is excellent - very well written, evocative, twisted, sick and very creepy. Although written for d20, you can easily adapt the monsters to SLA Industries - and I know that some of them will certainly appear in my new SLA campaign. So give the man your money (and no - I don't get paid for advertising the book here;)

10/04/05 02:25RT
by Eldritch

Yeah, several years no update and then two updates within three days:) Still this is nothing wild, just two wallpapers that I did using two of Dave's pictures - "Neighbourhood Watch" and "White Earth" (using the Procession of No'Rath picture). You can find them either via direct link above or in the Files section.

10/01/05 21:55RT
by Eldritch

OK, a small update: The Ebon Tarot; you can either use the direct link or find it under the 3ird Eye News Section. I wrote the stuff some time ago, but didn't find the time to put it onto the page. You can also find higher-resolution (1 MB .tif images) of the individual cards as downloads in the Files section.

I'm also currently writing a "system mod" for SLA - meaning that I'm porting the rules of a well-known RPG system towards SLA; however due to the copyrights involved I don' t know how much of it I can actually put on the site...

Ah, and - although old news, but anyway: Dave Allsop posted new artwork on his page - including lots of SLA stuff. You can find it here. Speaking of Dave, he is also the co-author of The Book of Unremitting Horror. I don't have it (yet), but it I'm pretty sure its worth checking out.

03/02/05 22:36RT
by Eldritch

Three years without update ... sorry, folks ...

So what happened in the meantime? Lots of changes everywhere. So I thought I had to change this site a bit as well. I have some stuff in the pipeline, and looking over the previous anouncements, it seems I still owe you all some material. So I think I'll better start writing the bloody stuff, right?

I still have some things I would like to change about the look of this site, but if you like the new look of this site feel free to drop me a line. And if you want a break from SLA Industries, head over to http://www.hither-lands.com; this is a Middle-earth roleplaying game I am currently involved in (as the webmaster and layouter/graphical designer for the whole project). This is also where some of my time the previous year went into ...

08/01/02 00:37RT
by Eldritch

Well, although I wanted the next update to be background stuff about DownTown, it has become a short story. It's called "A Late Realization" and you can find it in the Bodyguard of Lies Section.

However, the introduction to DownTown Sector 37 is also finished, the additional material will be added later (when it is written ;). You can find the article in the 3ird Eye News Section.

07/24/02 19:30RT

Aw, bloody hell ... too long with no update ... but I'm still around. I cannot promise that it will be anytime soon, but there will be an update, and it looks like yet another DownTown article, this time about the Caul, it's mysterious owner the Pitt, the Dustriders biker gang, Gideon's Pawnshop and perhaps some SkinTrade stuff.

In the meantime I have corrected the hopelessly broken links to both the Bitterreign and the SLAIndustries.net forums.

10/31/01 18:23RT

Happy Halloween ... the night where the dead can talk to the living and horrors from beyond the grave walk our world ...

Trick, or treat? Find out.
Any way, have fun!

10/26/01 23:23RT

Just a quick update; I have finished editing the last two entries of the DownTown Visions document (although most entries are not finished, especially the Little Pig will recieve additional material later). There is, however, still plenty of material in the to-do list - perhaps even information about the infamous Boiler Room ...

I have also added another weapon to the Fall Catalogue; tonight's choice is the MAL 'Wrecker Ball' PDR.

10/24/01 17:18RT

OK ... sorry ... took me a while to actually load some really new stuff up, but here it is: over the last month I began to develop a location in DownTown together with Max.Rock. This is the first step towards a "life-on-the-street" section on dnotice, however, we are far from finishing it. It is my aim to develop material in this section, essentially alike the old "Destiny's Price" Sourcebook for Mage, which is about running street-level Mage-Chronicles. The new DownTown location (Paxton Street) will then serve as example for the material presented in this section. For the moment, you can find the first drafts of the Paxton Street material in the 3ird Eye News section, under the title "DownTown Vision: Paxton Street".

Then I have finally found the time to put up some new weapons we have developed a long time ago; you can find them under the Hardware 908 Fall Catalogue link. Currently this document features only the new MAL and FEN scout/sniper rifles and a variant model of the MAL Anvil pistol, but another bunch of weapons will follow as soon as I have finished the texts for them.

Finally, I have noticed a discrepancy between the combat system as written and presented on this page and the system actually played in our sessions. As soon as we have some time to spare (probably during this year's Halloween SLA Camp) we will round up all discrepancies and I will post a new version of the combat system.

Now, that's enough for today, have fun ...

09/07/01 17:01RT

Well, well ... I'm finally back. After a rather long break - let's call this the Sisters of Mercy and Lord of Destruction/Operation Flashpoint LAN break ;) - we continued our SLA campaign. Yesterday we also did a short update on the Combat System (modifying/simplifying the Dodge rules and rewriting the Ballet/Dance of Death and Sworddance Advantages in the process) - the current version now is v3.5.
06/21/01 02:55RT

I have added some info dealing with Uptown entertainment, transportation within the city and cost of living to the Mort document.
06/20/01 01:59RT

"Know thine enemy" ... recently I have thought again (who of us SLA GM's hasn't?) about the layout and structure of Mort and I have tried to develop an architectural concept that stays as close as possible to the original layout but explains away some of the contradictions within the original layout of Mort.

Although this started with an alternative map of Mort it developed into a document that describes the new layout of the city and the general "look and feel" of the individual zones. It is far from finished, but you can already find it in the 3ird Eye News Section titled "Mort - Father Figure of the World of Progress". There are two versions of the file available for download, one with a high-quality version of the Mort map and the other one without, so that you won't have to go through the long download again when I update the file :)

06/17/01 14:33RT

Allthough this night's session was anything but combat heavy, I have made another quick addition to the Damage rules, strengthening the value of Armour Piercing Rounds (they suffer no reduction of DAM through PV), and I have adjusted the Layering Armour rule to reflect the recent changes in the DAM/PEN rules. Check out the new rules in the Combat System v3.41 file.

06/16/01 02:30RT

More blooper control. Corrected an error written into the new improved DAM rules and routed some more errors previously overlooked.
06/15/01 16:33RT

Basic blooper control. We have found a number of bloopers, errors, omissions and other nasty bugs in the system files and eliminated them.

Furthermore we have decided to change the (Armour) Damage rules a bit; now the armour takes no longer the full DAM when it is hit. Instead we have adjusted the AD values (DAM/6 for standard projectiles) and an armour hit now only causes AD as damage to the armour's ID. Additionally, when a shot penetrates, the DAM the target suffers is decreased (because the bullet loses energy passing through the armour). You can find the new rules in the 3d-Combat System.

I have also added the formulas for AD to the Weapon Calculation Database; the updated version can be downloaded from the Archive (even though it still lists 3.0x in the lower right corner it is the right version - I simply was too lazy to change the picture as well ;)

11/07/908 20:14
by Charlieze

Welcome back to our live transmission of the hostage situation in the Emilia Mall. One hour ago a shootout between Johanna and Krosstown Traffic members has turned into a hostage situation. SLA Industries Operatives blocked all entrance to the mall, while Shiver Units worked backup.

Some minutes ago the Undertaker, Inc. squad has ended the hostage situation swiftly and as you can see behind me the Shiver units are currently preoccupied with tidying up and carrying a multitude of cadaver bags out of the mall. Most of the hostages were rescued while all gang-members were shot in the rescue attempt. SLA Industries 35 - Gangers Nil.

We will bring you a full-profile of this rescue attempt complete with tactical comments from Channel 93's Tactical Analysis Squad at 21:00 in case you have missed our live transmission, but right now let's get over to Miss BJ from the Undertaker, Inc. squad. You can see her sitting in the rain over there, taking a sip from her Mort Cola™ and smoking her Coffins™, right beside this creepy Ebon Shrike fellow and their two Stormers, a Xeno called Stammer, as usually blending into the background and their hunchbacked 313, Kromm. Have you ever seen an uglier Stormer than this one? However, this young Wraith Raider girl is obviously the scout and squad leader. Miss BJ what do you have to say about this incident?

"Lemme tell you about SLA Industries. Where in the universe is it possible to legally shoot more than 30 people? Where are you paid for pure-sax-hunting fun? Fuckin' great is what I have to say about this incident. SLA Industries? Fuckin' love it, man!"

We will break our program now for consumer information, but be sure to stay on this channel. We will be right back with more from the Undertaker, Inc. Squad.

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