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Clan MacAllister: Living The Edge

General Description
The MacAllisters are a relatively small Clan (ca. 15.000 warriors). It is also the youngest of the Frother Clans, dating back only 300 years. Because of this, the MacAllister Clan is not as deeply rooted in Frother tradition as, say, the Dougals or the McDuffs and does not place as much emphasis on duels, honor, drinking contests and the like. Many of the more traditionals Frothers consider the MacAllisters to be without honor and detest their businesslike attitude.

The McAllisters do not focus solely on combat and warfare. Instead their primary interest is the various combat and recreational drugs on the market. The MacAllister's Head of the Executive Board Thadeusz Thraal Jr., has reiterated that the key to the development of the Clan is drugs. Thus, one of the MacAllisters main fields of activity is the drug market. The Clan is rumored to have its own facilities for testing and designing a variety of narcotics. Especially among Frothers it is well known that every MacAllister is a potential drug peddler.

While it is no secret that Karma favors the MacAllister Clan when it comes to testing new substances, SLA Industries has never officially contracted the MacAllister to do their own research, let alone distribute narcotics on the open market. Some late observers have wondered why the company has not crushed down hard on the Clan for their activities, because in essence they can be considered an illegal soft company. One can only speculate whether the company has made an informal deal with the MacAllisters or whether it simply considers the Clan's activities to be valuable in some other way.

The MacAllisters are organized pretty much like a modern company, at least in the sense that they posess a board of directors (five exist) and a head of the board. The five directors supervise and manage the Clans five branches, those being warfare, research, distribution, SLA liaison and internal matters. One's status in the Clan community is determined by the SCL, which might be another indicator for the close ties between the MacAllister Clan and SLA Industries.

At the lowest organizational level is the Pair; MacAllisters rarely work alone, instead they act in groups of two. The idea behind this is that two carefully picked and trained warriors can complement each other. The MacAllister place a lot of emphasis on this and usually begin to train Pairs at an early age. Most MacAllister pairs will consist of one individual who is very combat-oriented while the second one will normally posess some matching tactical, social or business skills. Most Pair partners have depended on one another for years or even decades and usually have a deep attachment for each other. The death of one's 'Shadow' usually results in the survivor going on a suicidal killing spree to take revenge.

Special Abilities & Resources
Since the MacAllister are in frequent contact with Karma and have their own drug R&D, they often have access to new cutting edge substances which are still in the test phase (not necessarily a good thing....). In addition a MacAllister will never have problems to acquire a drug (provided he can pay for it) since they are so ubiquitous in the Clan.

A 700 story skyscraper in LDT. Many MacAllisters have their homes elsewhere, but all important Clan activities are conducted in this building.

Only the floors 300-700 of the 'Tower' as it is called, are in daily use. The lower floors are loaded with extra-thick steel doors, machineguns and booby traps, making any B&E attempts extremely difficult.

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