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The mystery school of Bìth Sgàthan and the Lore of Emanation

Bìth Sgàthan is a form of Ebon Mysticism that studies the metaphysical building blocks of the universe. The pure form of this mystery school has been lost to the ages, what remains (in secret) is a school of heretic mysticism that is based on a twisted form of the original thoughts. This school was openly hostile towards SLA Industries; they declared that SLA Industries and Mr. Slayer were the Defiler of the ancient Ebon prophecies and further proclaimed that Ebons being a part of the World of Progress was a corruption of the natural order, an abomination. According to SLA historians the leaders of this sect (that nowadays is known as the Bìth Sgàthan; the fact that this is only the twisted form of true Bìth Sgàthan is unknown), among them the semi-mythic Ineashon, even planned an armed secession if their plans had come to frutition. However, their plans were discovered (through treason some claim) and the sect was destroyed. Still the knowledge continued to exist and young, inquisitive Ebons can quickly fall under the spell of it's promising lure.

The original philosophy of Bìth Sgàthan is based on Fhuair, the Lore of Emanation, stating that the universe was formed in several stages. Each of these stages manifests through the creation of a metaphysical sphere, an "Emanation".

"The first Emanations is the Vortex; the Creator created chaos in order for the universe to create itself and thus arose Cruitheachd, the Endless Possibility. Out of Cruitheachd sprang the Flood of Thought, creating the universal spirit. Thus the universe achieved self-consciousness and the second Emanation was formed, called Spairn. By fuelling the possibilities, patterns arose, giving Form to the universe, which was mirrored in the third Emanation, Cumadh, the Form of Thought. And out of these Forms of Thought arose conflict.

And still, the energy of creation spew out countless new patterns into the universe, each prolonging the conflict so that it seemed eternal. Out of this eternal cycle of creation, conflict and destruction of new forms arose the fourth Emanation, called Amannan or the Endless Time. And as the cycle went on, and new patterns were created, and older were destroyed, the fifth Emanation, Falamh, rose out of this destruction, collapsing the destroyed patterns and filling them with emptiness. Now the universe was roughly formed, and it existed in an endless cycle of creation, conflict and rebirth, which in itself became a pattern and out of it arose the sixth Emanation, Siorruidh, or the Singularity of Stasis.

Thus the universe was shaped roughly linearly, but still lacked any shape at its centre. Due to the duality of the universal conflict two universal poles manifested: the Line of Light and Day and the Line of Dark and Night. They became the seventh and eighth Emanation. Crannag, the Line of Light provided strength and life, while Sgìth, the Line of Dark, presided over the Final Dissolution of Decay, providing the gate through which all structure is destroyed.

And finally, arising in the center of the universe, arising out of the fields of all the other Emanations, and yet being the spirit that predated even the Vortex, appears the ninth Emanation, Meidh, in the centre of the universe, the Eternal Balance, holding it all together and countering all weights."

- from The Mystic and Ineffable Philosophies of Transcendental Ebb

The corrupted, modern form of Bìth Sgàthan keeps this basic interpretation, but refines it further. It strongly associates SLA Industries and Slayer with the Line of Light, claiming that Mr. Slayer is the Defiler who is described in the cards as the "Avatar" and that his World of Progress is the "False Hope" that the Avatar offers. The teachings further associate the Line of Night, symbolized through the "Revenant" again with SLA Industries - LAD in the most recent form, the Necanthrope Society in older forms of the heresy. Thus, they claim, Slayer the Defiler has managed to merge the two lines of Light and Dark into an abominable universal nightmare that needs to be destroyed for the universe to retain balance again and become uncorrupted.

These ideas, however, despite being utterly seditions are also dangerously wrong - the metaphysical lines of Light and Dark cannot be associated directly with Slayer and SLA Industries - and although Slayer has indeed a position in the Samhladh it is not this one. Indeed the Line of Light should rather be associated with Intruder while the Line of Dark should be associated with Halloween Jack - but that is a knowledge that only few possess, and the few inside SLA Industries who know all belong to the top echelon of the company, having at least an SCL of 2A...

The Cairt, a method of divination

The Cairt is an ancient deck of cards that has been constructed with the Pattern of Being (Samhladh) and the Lore of Emanation (Fhuair) in mind. The Cairt are an interpretation of the Lore of Emanation, using the principles put forth in this philosophy to create a deck of cards that is said to mirror the forces of the universe and with which the initiate is able to tap into the forces of the universe, divining the future and possibly influencing it by using the cards in a special arcane ritual.

A traditional full deck consists of 63 cards, 36 of them look like usual Ebon playing cards, consisting of three suits á 12 cards, mirroring the three worlds of Kavella: Anmoch, or the World of Night, Mochthrath, or the World of Day and Còmraig, or the World of Conflict. However, modern decks lack these 36 so called "World" cards, since they are considered minor cards and are not mirrored in the Samhladh.

Instead, modern decks emphasise the importance of the pure Samhladh and only include the 9 Great Cards, which correspond to the 9 Emanations and the 18 Way Cards, which symbolize the 18 Ways between the Emanations on the Samhladh.

Dealing the Cards

For a divination the cards are shuffled and nine cards are selected. These cards are then dealt in a pattern that corresponds to the positions of the Emanations on the Samhladh. The first card stands for the current situation, the matter at hand. The second card stands for what the querant consciously thinks about the matter at hand. The third card represents the querant's subconscious thoughts about the matter, the foundation of the situation. The fourth card represents the immediate past and gives insights into the cause of the current situation. The fifth card represents the immediate future, what will happen next. The sixth card represents the querant and his thoughts about the matter or how he feels about it. The seventh card shows his surroundings; this can be an actual place or the influence of others on the situation. The eigth card symbolizes the querant's hopes and fears; it has no divinatory function, instead it gives insights into the motivation of the querant. The ninth and last card finally shows the final outcome, the ultimate climax, the overall general direction that the situation will evolve into.

1: The situation
2: The querant's thoughts
3: The querant's feelings
4: This caused it
5: This happens next
6: This is the querant
7: These are the others or here it happens
8: The querant's expectations or fears
9: This is where it leads to
Reversed Cards

Reversed Cards are treated specially in the divination. Instead of their face value, they are treated as if their value was mirrored on the Samhladh. Thus a reversed "Kilneck" card would be read as if it was a "Necanthrope" card; a "Mariner" would be read as a "Wanderer" or a "Cararact" as a "Ferryman". Because of this, reversed cards are commonly called mirrored cards. For the divination they are indicators for a treacherous situation, an event that appears as something specific at face value (the original meaning of the card), but actually is something completely different (the mirrored meaning of the card). The mirror pairs are:

0/11 Vortex = Eternity 14/17 Avatar = Revenant
I/8 Cataract = Ferryman 15/19 Psychonaut = Deceiver
2/13 Kilneck = Necanthrope 16/18 Assassin = Dogs of War
3/6 Legion = Rebirth 17/14 Revenant = Avatar
4/12 Prophet = Healer 18/16 Dogs of War = Assassin
5/9 Hunter = Warrior 19/15 Deceiver = Psychonaut
6/3 Rebirth = Legion 20/20 Zenith = Zenith
7/10 Mariner = Wanderer 21/26 Torture = Truth
8/1 Ferryman = Cataract 22/25 Harlot = Hermit
9/5 Warrior = Hunter 23/24 Lunatic = Scholar
10/7 Wanderer = Mariner 24/23 Scholar = Lunatic
11/0 Eternity = Vortex 25/22 Hermit = Harlot
12/4 Healer = Prophet 26/21 Truth = Torture
13/2 Necanthrope = Kilneck    

0 - Vortex

Cruitheachd (ebon: possibility):
The maelstrom of endelss possibility, the source, a beginning without direction, chaos unlimited and unchecked. Primal emotions, descent into the darkness, confrontation with the unexpected.


I - Cataract

Spairn (ebon: force):
Ray of Light, flood of thought, shapes without form or substance (thought without form), beginning with direction.


II - Kilneck

Kilneck (ebon: n/a):
Ignorance, quest, restlessness, action. Lost home, outsider, fateful mission. Purpose and unlimited power.


III - Legion

Cumadh (ebon: shape):
Sands of creation, seed of the universe, form of thought, creation born in blood, Seeds of Conflict.


IV - Prophet

Faìdh (ebon: prophet):
Mind over Matter, Power of the Mind, a higher power, divine message, (spiritual) calling. Serving a higher goal.


V - Hunter

Gìomanach (ebon: hunter):
North, air, ice (Wraithen), relentlessness, no Remorse, no surrender, no Retreat. Empty Universe, thrill of stalking,


VI - Rebirth

Amannan (ebon: time):
Lengthening shadow, endless time. Trapped in a seemingly endless situation, endurance required to prevail. No escape, fate. Persistence leads to a new beginning.


VII - Mariner

Seòladair (ebon: sailor):
East, water, shifting tides of life, safe haven, undiscovered country, unexpected discovery. Dark waters, strange currents, an unexpected turn of events.


VIII - Ferryman

Falamh (ebon: empty):
Hollowness, endless space, loss of Control, dark feelings, hopelessness and despair. Fear of defeat.


IX - Warrior

Àrmunn (ebon: warrior):
South, fire, flame of creation, honorable warrior (Shaktar), code of honour, Bound by Laws. Observation of rituals, coming of age, fierceness, fearlessness.


X - Wanderer

Stràcair (ebon: wanderer):
West, earth, final form, troublesome fellow, unexpected resistance, dark tidings. A shadowy menace, the threat of a threat.


XI - Eternity

Siorruidh (ebon: eternal):
Black Rift, Stasis, Eternity, Stillness, Stillbirth. No development, a situation without escape. Trap, the bottomless abyss.


XII - Healer

Slànaighear (ebon: healer):
duration, refreshment, unexpected help, escape, rest. A burden is taken away, support. The rift is closed.


XIII - Necanthrope

Corrssys (ebon: corpse):
Collapse, hopeless destruction, giving in to fears, transformation and loss of self, immobilizing fear.


XIV - Avatar

Crannag (ebon: wooden frame):
The Great City, The Defiler, false hopes, corruption, doom. A twisted paragon.


XV - Psychonaut

Draoidh (ebon: magician):
Soul, passion, creation, understanding. Self-confidence, focussed will, skill, success. The power to shape the surrounding universe.


XVI - Assassin

Mortair (ebon: murderer):
The crossroads of life and death, body and mind. Descisions, precision, cold calculation, economy of thought and motion. No illusions, no fear of death, complete acceptance of own mortality.


XVII - Revenant

Sgìth (ebon: decay):
The flame of blood, shattered hopes, inevitibility, no escape from the horror of knowledge. Destruction (of the self and others), circle of blood. Universal loss, ruin, destruction.


XVIII - Dogs of War

Gadhar (ebon: hunting dog):
Guide (into conflict and death), dangerous path, knowlegde through pain and suffering. Mayhem, insanity, delight in destruction.


XIX - Deceiver

Cealgair (ebon: deceiver):
Narrowing perception, blindness, destructive wisdom, corruption of truth, liar. Corruption through truth, the ultimate loss.


XX - Zenith

Meidh (ebon: balance):
The desert, awakening, hope, redemption. A final realization, the chance to turn the tides. Ultimate clarity of vision, endless perception.


XXI - Torture

Lùiran (ebon: torturer):
Spirit, capture, empty shell, submission. Loss of love or pain through love. Bound into a fixed position, helplessness. Despair, loss of hope, rape.


XXII - Harlot

Sìursach (ebon: whore):
Destructive energy, ravenous hunger, unbound desire. Living regardless of consequences, domineering presence.


XXIII - Lunatic

Amadan (ebon: fool):
Power, possession, dream (vision), overwhelming knowledge, loss of identity, insanity.


XXIV - Scholar

Sgoilear (ebon: learned man):
Strengthening knowledge, careful Observation, dangerous information, wisdom, an idea that can lead to triumph.


XXV - Hermit

Aonaran (ebon: hermit):
Structure,dDurability, asceticism, focussed existence, isolation, introspection, conquering the own deamons, quiet, calm.


XXVI - Truth

Firinn (ebon: truth):
Final knowledge, hidden truth, witch, oracle, cards, divination. The ultimate danger of unwanted knowledge.

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