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Base Skills and Training Packages

One option you can use to differentiate a little between the five Frother Clans is to give them different sets of base skills. From the Caln descriptions, it should be obvious that a Cameron will be stealthier than a Dougal, and the following skills are used instead of the given Frother Starting Skills io reflect the in the game:

Dougal: Detect 1, SLA Info 1, Streetwise 3, Chainaxe 2, Mechanics Industrial 1
MacDuff: Detect 1, SLA Info 1, Streetwise 1, Unarmed Combat 2, Blade 2h 3
Murdoch: Detect 2, SLA Info 1, Rival Company 1, Streetwise 1, Surgery 1, Blade 2h 2
MacAllister: Detect 1, SLA Info 2, Rival Company 1, Narcotics 2, Blade 2h 2
Cameron: Detect 1, SLA Info 1, Sneaking 2, Hide 2, Blade 1h 1, Demolitions 1
New Skills

Slosh Drinking (PHYS): This skills allows the character to imbibe ludicrous amounts of Slosh or other intoxicating beverages. A must for everyone who wants to keep his face in a drinking contest. Does not give the character any tolerance against drugs that are not recreational.

Narcotics (KNOW): Allows the character to distinguish between different types of drugs. In addition the character knows how to mix up new substances given the right ingredients.

Pilot Powersuit (PHYS): Allows characters to operate powersuits. Each powersuit has an associated Pilot Powersuit skill value; the character must have a skill rating at least as high as the powersuit's value to operate the suit.
If the character attempts to execute special maneuvers with the suit, Pilot Powersuit rolls may be called for. In this case subtract the suit's value from the character's skill roll.

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