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About 75% of Mort's Frothers are organized in the Five Clans. As early as 300 SD scientists found out that prolonged exposure to the various drugs produced by SLA will lead to profound physical and mental changes. Most reactions, whether they were of a psychological (like frenzy, schizophrena, paranoia, suicidal tendencies) or a physical nature (skin alterations, brain hemmorhage, metabolism changes) did not come as a surprise and were considered to be normal side effetcs of the substances on the market. What did surprise researchers was that children who were the progeny of the growing number of Frother addicts (who, like everyone else had developed into various social groups and ganglike structures) were literally born with the juice in their veins. Even those test subjects that were isolated from their social groups tended to be more aggressive, irrational and physically fit than normal human offspring. Even those that grew up without any contact to their parents had a strong tendency to follow their elder's path and take a special interest in chemical self-medication, abusive behavior and beating the shit out of other people.

Hundreds of years later, the advancement of biotechnology finally provided an answer for the strange changes: even the early SLA drugs partially consisted of several ingredients which would slightly alter the victims DNA structure. The changes in the DNA structure were minor, but cumulative. After a couple of generations of drug abuse, the Frothers had been altered quite significantly, the main changes being a higher tolerance towards chemicals (mainly drugs), a higher potential stamina and strength, as well as psychological defects, mainly the "Short-Fuse-Syndrom" that has given Frothers their reputation for being aggressive and irrational daredevils.

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After finding out that a number of SLA drugs had the welcome side effect of enhancing the Frothers combat potential, it was agreed that steps should be taken to furthers this unexpected, yet positive development. R&D groups took steps to customize the existing SLA drugs in such a way that they would work even better with the Frother metabolism.

Recently biotechnical advances have opened another possible avenue of development: while the DNA pattern alterations have until now been rather unpredictable, new Karma research indicates that it might be possible to implement further DNA changes which are much more foreseeable, thus enabling SLA Industries to tailor the Frother's genetical development according to its needs.

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A couple of Karma drugs have already been redesigned to make the Frothers stronger, faster and remove some of the psychological defects. Those substances were marketed beginning in 05/07/889. It was necessary to keep this information strictly confidential so as not to influence the sales and the behavior of the test subjects. Although test subjects have shown quite promising results, the impact of the project is not clear yet. As mentioned earlier, the DNA alteration process is an incremental one, and statistically significant results cannot be expected before 970 (approx.).

Rumours that a number of recent serial killer murders can be attributed to Frothers that have shown overreactions from consumption of the new generation Karma drugs remain unsubstantiated.

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In addition, SLA Industries furthered the development of the Frother's social structure. It was expected that more tightly-knit groups would reduce the tensions between Frothers and the rest of the population and ensure a sufficient production of pure-strain Frother progeny. By 358 SD, a research group consisting of SLA sociologists and anthropsychologists had made out the most promising social hierarchy model for a future Frother society: the Clan structure. The separate Clans would enable the Frothers to build up their own traditions. Competition between the Clans would serve to keep the Frothers fragmented and enhance competition, leading to higher efficiency. The Clan model was thought to be hierachical enough to keep the Frothers under control while at the same time giving them sufficient autonomy to leave room for their impulsive, aggressive behaviour. This 'divide-et-impera'-strategy has been considered an outstanding success. In general the Clans are able to settle their inner affairs without SLA interference. At the same time they remain fiercely loyal to the company.

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The Five Clans were formed in the period of 360-450 SD. During this period., SLA industries encouraged competition and even outright war between the 15-20 existing Frother gangs. This "survival of the fittest" weeded out the weaker elements of Frother society and gradually led to the formation of the five Mort Frother Clans which are officially recognized by SLA Industries. Formal communications between the Clans and SLA Industries are conducted through the Council of Five which contains one representative of each of the Frother Clans. The Council may forward petitions and statements to the company, which in turn can consult it (and normally does) when Frother-related affairs are concerned.

General Intra-Clan Organization

Although the Frother Clans differ significantly from each other, a number of similarities exist.

All Clans are ruled by a Clan Lord (or Lady), although the titles differ; in most Clans, the position is hereditary, though two Clans determine the successor during a Great Cailidh (Assembly) which all members of the Clan attend. In addition, most Clans also have mechanisms which allow another Clan member to contest the ruler's title if certain conditions are fulfilled. The outcome of these contests will usually be determined by combat.

Warriors tend to be held in the highest esteem by all of the Clans, since fighting for the Clan (usually a a SLA Operative) is considered to be the most honorable occupation a man or woman (gender is of little importance in most Frother Clans - the Claymore has become a very convincing tool of feminism) can have. Those Clans which have a hereditary, quasi-monarchical system will also have a sort of nobility, which will possess a higher social status. Although other professions do exist, most Frothers concentrate on their fighting skills. After all, that's what they're best at. Why bother with all those tedious administrative tasks - SLA Industries is always very happy to take care of that.

The Clan's substructure consists of Septs. Septs are Frother families which belong to the Clan, with the oldest male or female warrior normally being the main authority. A lot of Septs still retain their family names, although they belong to the Clan and are fully fledged members (recognizable by looking at the Tartan). Thus, a Frother's name might be O'Connor, although he wears the Dougal Tartan.

Day-to-day affairs will usually be settled within the Sept (subsidiarity principle). If a major problem arises that cannot be solved within the Sept, the issue will be handed over to the Clan Lord or his Counselors (if any) who will then try to find a settlement. Frequently, settlements or trials will involve tests of willpower and physical prowess (Slosh drinking, mutual headbutting or Claymore duels to the death, depending on the seriousness of the matter).

Members of all Clans sport various Clan-Symbols to show their affiliation. The most important symbol is the Tartan-cloth. Frothers can distinguish each other by simply looking at each other's kilts and scarfs (to most other people, all tartans look the same). Most Frother's are also heavily tattoed. Most of the time a Frother's DNA Hallmarks will hint his Clan and Sept affiliation, any passage rites he has gone through etc. The majority of Frothers will always display some feature that shows their Clan affiliation. Kilts are very common although many frothers wear fashionable variants over ther normal trousers (MCT is just too darn cold and wet for skirts and they do not go too well with heavy armour).

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