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Clan Murdoch: Dark Tartan Clan

General Description
Clan Murdoch is a wild and barbarous Clan, expressing the darkest side of the Frother existence. Calling themselves the Dark Tartan Clan, most Murdochs take as much delight in the pain and suffering of others as they take pride in wearing the heads of their most recent victims at their belts when they ride into combat. Many Clan Frothers secretly suspect the Murdoch Clan to be corrupted by the "Necro-Weirdos", so obvious is the Clan's fascination with death and destruction. However, when encountered, most Murdochs show a display of varying colours; apart from their Clan tartan most of them sport chequered coloured clothing (primarily red-black, but also blue-black or black-white).

If you see a report on the outbreak of Clan violence on ClanNet 51, chances are that the Murdochs are involved. The Murdochs are definitely not the best military strategists among the Frothers (this title probably goes to the Dougals or Camerons), but what they lack in tactics, they make up in numbers and sheer cruelty. This is one of the reasons why ruffles instigated by the Murdochs lead to full-scale Clanwar more often than anyone else's. The atrocities the commit in and out of cobat are pretty much unparalleled.

Clan Murdoch is strictly hierarchical. Swordmaster Agrae, the current head of the Clan (also referred to as the Harbinger of Hatred, the Collector of Skulls, the Dark Patriarch and other niceties) rules his man according to the Machiavelli principles: it is better to be feared than to be loved. Murder and execution are the best incentives for your employees.

Agrae is aided by a group of High Commandeers who in turn command Clan Lieutenants, who in turn command sergeants etc. In short, the Murdochs pretty much resemble a military organizational structure - with the slight difference that they court-martial people by cutting their genitals off, disembowling them abd hanging them from steel hooks in the grand hall.

Murdoch player characters will have a rank (simply use normal military hierarchy) and will be obliged to obey their Clan superiors - Clan orders are of course superseded by company obligations and orders.

Special Abilities and Rescources
Allies - the Murdoch Clan is very tighly knit; thus members may call upon the Clanbrothers help if in danger (this refers mainly to Clan matters or private situations and expressedly excludes being on duty/on a BPN).
A bleak and gloomy four-tower structure in Uptown, called the Skullpit.
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