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Again Dark Lament hits the market with another outstanding weapons design, following their Ebb-Glove smash hit: the ForceBlade! Join the  [deleted by Stigmaryr] and fight with the ulitmate close combat weapon for the ulitmate race!

- Dark Lament Internal Press Release, SCL 5 required.

The Dark Lament ForceBlade is another unique design by Dark Lament, again utilizing the power of the Ebb to its fullest destructive potential. The Force Blade constists of two parts: the BladeFocus (the hilt) and the BladeShape (the actual blade). The BladeFocus looks like two muscles wrapped around each other, strongly clinging to the other and sofly pulsating. If the user grabs the BladeFocus it shifts shape to perfectly fit into the users fist.

When I first grabed the blade it felt as if the material of the hilt tried to wrap itself around my hand. It felt pleasurly discomforting and later when I used the blade, its reassuring grip gave me an extra push in combat.

- Testimony of Necanthrope Sepulchre, SCL 3B.4
classified by Cloak Division as SCL 3.

The BladeShape however looks like a blackened bone rising out between the two muscles of the BladeFocus. It is perfectly rounded to a cylindrical shape similar to a orientan blade sheath and the only sharp edge is at the point of the BladeShape. Yet if an Ebb-user grabs the Forceblade and has knowledge in the Forceblade Ability EbbForge, he can activate the BladeShape: Flux washes over the BladeShape, completely transforming the BladeShape into a shining blade of Ebb Fire. However, for every user the blade shines with a different light and the blades of certain Necanthropes are known to shine with an unholy black fire.
Forceblade: EbbForge


Focus 1: Uses the Flux to tranform the BladeShapeinto the actual Forceblade with PEN 2, DAM 2, AD 1. Costs 3 FLUX.


Store 1: User can place the effect of one Ebb Ablity (max. Rank 2) into the Blade. The next time the blade hits, the victim suffers both the effect of the blade and the effect of the stored ability. Cost 1 FLUX to activate plus the FLUX of the Ability to be stored. No Celyrdreahad Abilities can be stored with Store 1.


Focus 2: PEN 2, DAM 2, AD 1. Costs 4 FLUX


Focus 3: PEN 3, DAM 3, AD 2. Costs 6 FLUX


CellStore 1: As Store 1, but only Celrydreahad Abilities can be stored. Costs 2 FLUX to activate and the cost of the ability to be stored. Using this ability feels slightly uncomfortable (in all but the sickest of Necanthropes) as one feels the GoreEbb leaving the cyst and travelling through the body until it arives in the Forceblade.


Focus 4: PEN 5, DAM 4, AD 3. Costs 9 FLUX


Store 2: as Store 1 but the max. Abiltiy to be stored can be Rank 6. Costs 2 FLUX to activate plus the FLUX of the Ability to be stored.


Focus 5: PEN 5, DAM 5, AD 4. Costs 11 FLUX


CellStore 2: as CellStore 1, but the max. Ability to be stored can be Rank 6. Costs 4 FLUX to activate plus the FLUX of the Ability to be stored.


Focus 6: PEN 6, DAM 6, AD 5. Costs 13 FLUX


Heal Blade: The Ebon can heal a wounded ForceBlade (only necessary when the ForceBlade later becomes sentient is is “wounded” during a parry. Costs 1 FLUX per HIT restored.


Sentient Blade: The Forceblade gains awareness and can communicate with its owner/user via Ebb. The blade gains the Voice of the Ebb Abilty on Rank 1. The Ebon can spend XP on his blade’s Voice of the Ebb Ability like on his own, thereby raising his blade’s ability rank. Nevertheless he must spend one permanent point of FLUX every time he wants to raise his blade’s Voice of the Ebb abiltiy. Additionally, at the time his blade gains awareness, he must buy his blade’s attributes (like with the GoreCannon).


Interdermalise Blade: The wearer can now interdermalise his Forceblade, thereby using his body as a sheath for his weapon. Interdermalizing and drawing the weapon back out takes one phase to perform. Costs 16 FLUX to interdermalise and no FLUX to draw out again.


Focus 6: PEN 8, DAM 8, AD 6 Cost 17 FLUX


Store 3: as Store 1 but the max. Ability to be stored can be Rank 14. Costs 3 FLUX to activate plus the FLUX of the Ability to be stored.


CellStore 3: as Cellstore 1, but the max. Abiltiy to be stored can be Rank 14. Costs 6 FLUX to activate plus the FLUX of the Abiltiy to be stored.


Focus 8: PEN 10, DAM 10, AD 8, Costs 22 FLUX.


Graft: An interdermalised ForceBlade now adds its Damage Bonus to the Ebon’s Damage Bonus even when he is fighting with the other hand than the one his ForceBlade is stored in or is fighting with other weapons than with the ForceBlade. Passive Ability, costs no FLUX.


Store True: Any Rank of any Ability can be stored. Costs 5 FLUX (10 FLUX for Celrydreahad Abilities) to activate plus the FLUX of the Ability to be stored.


Soulblade: when killing an opponent, the blade will store his soul and thus gain all his abilities. If the blade’s abilities are boosted in this way, it will gain all skills that the victim possed, but that it didn’t possess before the killing, on Rank 2. All the blades’s skills that the victim and the blade did posess are increased by one Rank. The victims of a Soulblade will eventually emerge and speak in the wielder’s mind, accusing him of killing them and trying to drive him mad. This, to some, is the the drawback, and to others the spice, of power.

Persona Creation

The Persona of a ForceBlade is created like the Persona of a GoreCannon, thus the Ebon spends his personal FLUX and any FLUX that he has somehow stored to create the Persona of his ForceBlade. This is a one-time process and the Stats that the ForceBlade gains in this Process can never be raised. At this time the ForceBlade also gains her own Voice of the Ebb-Ability on Rank 1. This Ability can be raised by the Ebon (even after the process of Persona creation is finished) by spending his own XP on his blade’s Voice of the Ebb-Ability and activating the whole process by spending one permanent point of FLUX Unlike standard character creation and the creation of a sentient GoreCannon, physical aspects of the ForceBlade can be further bought up by spending FLUX, so starting PHYS and HITS are calculated using the usual formulas, [STR+DEX]/2=PHYS and PHYS+STR=HITS, and can then be raised above those stats up to the allowed limit. The Ebon is only limited by the amount of FLUX that he wants to spend and the maximum allowable Ranks in thoses Stats. Skills can also be bought with FLUX during character creation at the same cost as normal skills are bought with normal skill points. Like Stats they cannot be raised after Persona creation, unless the ForceBlade is a Soulblade and steals the skills from its victim. A ForceBlade’s own Damage Bonus (STR/3) is added to the Ebon’s Damage Bonus if he is attacking with his sentient ForceBlade.


Maximum Rank

Minimum Rank

Cost per Rank









Making a ForceBlade sentient has of course a drawback, this being that the ForceBlade is now truly alive and thus killable. The ForceBlade starts with a PV of 5 and this PV can be increased up to 15 by spending 3 FLUX per point of PV (PV is considered a Stat and thus must be bought during Persona creation to the desired level. Increasing PV after Persona creation is finished is not possible). If the Ebon uses the ForceBlade to parry he uses his weapon as a shield/armor, and the ForceBlade takes the whole punishment. Thus, if the DAM of the attacking weapon is higher than the ForceBlade’s PV, the ForceBlade is wounded. The Ability of Healing will not work on a ForceBlade, only EbbForge 11: Heal Blade will. A ForceBlade that is reduced to 0 Hits dies and is no longer sentient.

Furthermore, should a Soulblade die whilst in the hands of its wielder, every stored soul will try to take control over the wielder’s body. Make a test against the wielder’s CONC for every stored soul, with the CONC of the soul as a negative modifier on the test. Ties go in favor of the wielder, but should he fail any one of these tests, all stored souls will try to posess his body (this will lead to enormous infighting with the result that some souls will fade, while the victorious ones will share the body). If an Ebon thus possessed tries to take control of his body again ,which he may try once every day, he must win CONC tests against all the posessing souls, and this time ties go in favor of the souls. If he wins all those tests, he is in control again, but in the darkest corners of his mind the souls will always whisper, never resting and ever accusing, speaking of death and madness. Thus the Ebon should gain a Rank 10 Psychosis: Split Personality and will almost certainly fail his next Psychological Evaluation unless he is granted a Medical Exemption Certificate ...

If an Ebon tries to utilize his ForceBlade’s skills he may do so freely, but when he does, his own personality will be pushed back and the ForceBlade will take control over his body, although he can seize control from his ForceBlade every time he wants. If the ForceBlade is also a Soulblade (Rank 20), now one of the stored souls will try to take over, too. Choose one appropriate personaliy, then roll to match the personality’s CONC against the ForceBlade’s CONC (roll 2d10 plus the respective CONCs). The highest result wins, ties go in favor of the ForceBlade. If a stored personality takes over, he is in complete control over the Ebon’s body, while the Ebon will subconciously experience what his body does. He can try to take over control again, but must then succeed in a test similar to the test above against the combined CONC of the ForceBlade and the personality in contol. This time ties go in favor of the controlling personality. Each try to take control however will weaken the controlling personality, giving a –1 modifier to the personality’s own CONC during the next try to take control (this rule does not apply to souls being in control over an Ebon’s body after his ForceBlade died [see above]). The CONC of the ForceBlade cannot be lowered this way, however. An Ebon can try to take over control again of his posessed body once every scene, driving the posessing soul back into the ForceBlade.

ForceBlade Colours
The color that a ForceBlade manifests corresponds to the dominant colors of an Ebon's aura. Typical kirlian camera auras are:
Aura Color Description Aura Color Description
Bluish white Dead material Violet Psychosis, confusion
White Purity, life near death Blue Rage
Yellowish White Weak life Bluish black Sadism, evil
Yellow Fear, terror Grey Sickness, fear
Orange Life, love Black Destruction, madness
Red Aggression Turquoise Jealousy, hatred, envy
Dark red Sex, sensuality Gold Purity, transcendence

It is possible for a ForceBlade to show a mixture of colors, but in no case was a ForceBlade noticed that emanated an aura of more than three colors (and even those ForceBlades are more rare to find than White Earth artifacts on Mort Central), although ForceBlades that glow with two whirling colors semm to be the general rule.

Until now no ForceBlade is available for sale and some sources tell of a special organization within Dark Lament, called the Brotherhood of Tears, that is equiped with ForceBlades. It is to be doubted that ForceBlades will reach the open market for sale, because of their extreme power, although a restricted availability to operatives outside the Brotherhood of Tears like only to those of SCL 5 or higher or only to Necanthropes or Dark Finders might be possible. The price however will be astronomically high.

Internal Affairs Company Report IA-XDL-0510906

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