written by Hellraiser

Art in the World of Progress

Art is, as we all know as subjective as lifestyle, but BSA transcends the final barrier between subjective and objective. BSA is progress incarnate. But what is BSA? BSA stands for Brain Splattering Art and it is a technique recently developed by the Necanthrope artist Hellraiser.

"... It all started with a strange kind of dream I had while in [D-Notice]. Then, back in 903, the spark of creativity hit me an I realized that I could ultimately immortalize the feelings, hopes and desires of the whole World of Progress into one form of artistic expression.
I would describe BSA as a certainly expressionistic and unique painting technique that not everyone is going to like, but then the way of progress is not the way of the weak. Strong emotions and desires require strong expressions and with BSA I'd like to pay my homage to SLA Industries for it's protection, provisions of hope, dreams and opportunities.
[...] BSA and the ideas behind it are my dedication to our father and CEO of SLA Industries, Mr. Slayer [...]."

With the permission of Hellraiser we are now going to reveal some of the secrets and basic principles of BSA. Since no-one could do it like the artist himself, read his own description of how the first BSA was created:

"... On New Paris in 901 I bought one of those sloppy Siobhan Lambert artist hats, but today I'm going to wear it for the first time. I know that it is going to happen ... Yesterday I got myself brushes, colors and canvas ... One cup of coffee and a Coffin for the road ... I wasn't as agitated as when I went into the ... doesn't matter ...
Again it is like walking through a dream ... I pass people in the streets but I hardly notice them ... The street has a foglike quality to it ... Gone is the stench of Lower DownTown ... I smell cherryblossoms in spring ... My private Mont Martre ... Open the bag an wear the hat ... Canvas on the wall ... fix the light ...
Later ... Rap on the door ... Come in! ... His name - doesn't matter ... Got the Extermination warrant ... Force him before the canvas ... Bind him ... Which one shall I use? ... Can't decide ... Sweat on his brow ...
He doesn't know ... Hmmmm, 12.7 or 17? ... HEAP - no the hole to small ... Yeah, finally, 12.7mm HESH ... Load the chamber ... Safety off ... One inch above the right brow, nah - too much sweat there ... Walk over, wipe his face ... He's crying ...
I plunge into his emotions ... Search his fear ... Rape his mind ...
Quiet now ... Sentimentality washes over me ... Only for a sec ... Like with Formulae I calculate the angles and vectors his brain will take ... Time in slowmo now ... Yes ... Take out the remote for the CD, "The Misinterpretation of Silence and it's Fatal Consequences" suits my mood perfectly now ...
F ... I turn around, raise the Blitzer, pull the trigger ...
My calculations were right. I hurry over and turn the canvas horizontally. With a spoon I scrape out the last remains of brain out of his skull ... Nasty headwound ... BSA at it's best ...
I arrange the brain on the canvas around the hole that the bullet made. Add some touches of VomitGreen, SpitYellow and GoreZoneRed.
Fix the whole painting with gloss varnish to preserve it for all time and ... Yes, ...
Say "Hallo" to the new appearance of recently exterminated Monarch Police Officer Todd Halbrook ...
Nearly forgot to sign it. On the back I glue a copy of the Extermination warrant as a proof of authenticity.
No. 1, 09/06/903.
Tomorrow I will get it framed, and then I will present it to ... doesn't matter to you ..."

Taken from the diary of Necanthrope Hellraiser, Cloak Division, SCL 5A, 09/06/903. Edited by the author.

Well, what shall we say, thank you Mr. Hellraiser.
When asked about future plans, Mr. Hellraiser informed us that there are plenty of brains and ammunition types left for BSA. But BSA is limited. We are going to expect some severe increases in value, so if you want an original Hellraiser BSA, reserve one yourself at:

Limestone Ave, Central
Phone, 37-101-0085-7438

(for purchase a copy of your SCL and DA Cards are necessary)



Joke: How does BrainWaster BSA look like?
Blank Canvas.

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