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"Brand new from the company that brought the the ultimate infiltrator operative, the Vevaphon, comes the ultimate infiltration tool: the Phantom Pregnancy Synthskin."

From the Phantom Pregnancy Press Release, Mort 901SD

Based on Karma's Animattire series Phantom Pregnancy has developed a new kind of protective clothing: the Synthskin Body Dress. Synthskin is created from living tissue, similar to the 711's armoured skin and based on a genetic design that Phantom Pregnancy has created for a Karma project (refer to KARMA/MH-6558542410-DD_SCL2lock). Basic Synthskin is colored black (handy for those secret ops), but is available in any color. Currently Phantom Pregnancy is believed to design a new DNA patch featuring enhanced protective ability as well as psychoreactive coloring.

"We at Cloak prefer the Synthskin when it comes to those sneaky, cloaky ops. So, choose the Synthskin, 'cause armour must not always be bulky to protect!"

Operative Sique, New Parisian Frother, SCL 6B on a Synthskin ad


The Synthskin Body Dress features:

· One-size-fits-all. The Synthskin Body Dress (SBD) automatically expands or contracts to fit the users size

· Protects with an PV of 5 and features following IDs: 5 (Head), 10 (Torso), 10 (Abdomen), 5 (Arms), 7 (Legs).

· Automatically heals itself with 5 ID per phase.

· Automatically heals one of its user's wounds per round.

· Automatically restores 1 Incap and 1 Hit in a damaged Body Location per round.

· Injects the wearer a drug similar to UV on demand; wearer gains one additional Action per round for 12 hours. He will then lose one Action per round for 24 hours, unless the wearer shoots another dose. In that case he will not lose his action until 12 hours have passed, but then he will lose 2 Actions, etc. (obviously not intended for extended usage). Features 10 injections. The user will become addicted to the substance (only known as ULTS0054) if he shoots two injections within six hours (no roll needed; automatic addiction) although he will gain two Actions (and lose two Actions after 12 hours). Detox effects after addiction is the loss of one Action permanently.

· Wearer automatically loses one Action per location wounded if the SBD is hit and ID damage is inflicted. Lasts until all IDs in the damaged zones have been restored to full capacity. Wearer cannot loose more than of his Actions (round down).

· Synthskin Gloves and Hood are available for 100 and 350 Credits respectively. The Gloves have hidden compartments for fluids and each index finger has a retractable hollowed-out molymer needle to inject the fluids (most often poisons) into the target (PEN 2, DAM -4, AD 0). The Hood completely closes over the head but has active osmosis-features so that breathing is possible through the synthskin material. The eyes are covered with a thin membrane that act as low-light intensifiers (cancels up to 2 ranks of Darkness visibility mods). if the operative activates this feature (touch a pressure sensitive OrgaButton on the left side of the neck to activate).

· Synthskin Dresses can be treated with Squad Logos; the process is a special Karma engineered hallmarking and costs 250 Credits per 100cm² covered.

· For an additional 300 Credits the Synthskin can be treated with reactive cloaking abilities, similar to the natural armour of a Xeno. The longer the operative remains motionless and lets the synthskin adapt to the pattern of colours, light and shadows in the vicinity of the Operative, the harder the Operative is to spot. Every 6 Phases spent motionless give a -1 penalty to all Detect rolls made against the character for a maximum of -10 (achieved after roughly 1½ minutes). The character must remain completely still and spend no Actions during this adjustment process in order not to disturb the Synthskin. As the time required for the adjustment bonus is dependent upon Phases the actual number of Actions the character forfeits is meaningless, as long as he spends all his Actions (and thus Phases) on remaining still. The cloaking abilities can be patterned into an existing synthskin (of first or second generation) for an additional cost of 600 Credits.



The model Teena wears a basic Phantom Pregnancy Synthskin (1200 credits) without hood or gloves. The photo was taken in Eastsector Lower DownTown, Wall Street, close to the infamous Boiler Room. © 908 Third Eye News.


The Synthskin Body Dress

PV: 5
ID (Torso): 10
ID (Abdomen): 10
ID (Legs): 7
ID (Arms): 5

Cost: 1200 Credits


Synthskin Hood
PV: 3
ID (Head): 5
features low-light vision enhancement

Cost: 350 Credits


Synthskin Gloves
can take up up to five doses of one substance (drug or poison)

Cost: 100 Credits


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