by Eldritch
White Chill

White Chill is a new combat drug from Karma that works on the user's brain. White Chill is a milky electric blue liquid that is either shot intravenously through a boopa injector or simply swallowd. If the drug is shot it takes effect immediately; if it is swallowed the drug begins to take effect two phases after digestion.

White Chill places the user in a deadly calm still, the world narrows down to one thing, his mind is focussed only on the one task before him: the determination to live through the combat encounter. An Operative under White Chill is cool, cold, silent, brooding and determined, he has set his mind to one task and won't let anything interfere from completing this task. The Operative is otherwise completely unchanged apart from his unnerving, focused determinism.

Operatives under White Chill have their COOL raised by 10 points for Fear Rolls only and gain an additional Action per round. Ebons who calculate under White Chill have all situational CONC modifiers lowered by 10 points. Characters under White Chill have +10 modifiers to all PHYS rolls they must roll and Wound penalties are halved (so they take a -1 Wound penalty for every two wounds).

The strongest effects (those giving situational modifiers to rolls) of White Chill last one hour, while the feeling of determinism lasts until the character has rested, after which the character looses this determinism granted through the drug. Coming down from White Chill, some users have reported feeling a huge loss, of shrinking back to something they were, knowing they can be much more. The urge to directly shoot another dose of White Chill is almost overpowering and hard to resist.

A few incidents of Operatives suffering from nighmares and/or flashbacks, in which they re-live in gruesome detail the combats they were in, after coming down from White Chill were reported, but there should be no need for concern. All these incidents show clearly that the Operatives are suffering from a post-traumatic combat syndrome, and not from long-term White Chill effects.

Recently a number of Operatives have been commited to Bethlem Asylum who suffer from advanced sociopathic and psychopathic syndroms, although all were White Chill users any connection between the drug and psychoses is wholly unsubstantiated.

Rating: 8
Addiction Factor: 3
Effect: COOL +10 (Fear Rolls), gains 1 Action per Round, CONC +10 (for Ebb Calculations), +10 to all PHYS Rolls
Duration: 1 hour (until rested)
Detox: +1 Rank Nightmares and/or Flashbacks (permanent) per three doses of White Chill shot after addiction. The first Disad the Operative gains is Nightmares, if he has Nightmares on 10 he will gain Flashbacks. The Operative remembers and relieves each night or even through the day the combats he has been while under the influence of White Chill. Any gruesome detail is completely exaggerated and what the Operative sees seems to come more from X-core GoreZone flics than from the actual combat the Operative experienced. With the advanced nightmares, sleep becomes a burden, not a relief. If the Operative also has Flashbacks on -10, the will begin to develop psychoses from the constant barrage of violence and the sleep withdrawal. He will alternatingly gain 1 rank of Sociopathy and 1 rank of Psychopathy, until he has both ranks on -10 and is comitted to an asylum.
Dosage: 1 per day
Price: 15 Credits

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